Reasons why you MUST visit Belgrade and Novi Sad!


Belgrade and Novi Sad, although entirely different cities, combine perfect functioning in mixing many influences. Almost nowhere in the world, you can see so many different styles, directions in art and trends in architecture as in Belgrade and Novi Sad.

Suppose you go out of Novi Sad and get to know rural places. In that case, you will notice colourful villages because Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, Serbian and many other houses differ in colour. Eclecticism in construction is especially emphasized in Belgrade. And the influence of Turkish, German, English, and traditional architecture.


Museums and galleries are so unique that you need a more extended trip to see everything these cities offer. In Belgrade, the Nikola Tesla Museum, where you can try experiments, see exhibits and watch movies, will make your time pass in a second. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a real treasure trove of intellectual thinking through the decades, expressed through refined aesthetics, so it is impossible to just run through space. You will need to study each exhibit separately. This will not be a problem with expert accompaniment because you will enjoy inspiring stories. Don’t miss the National Museum, the Museum of Illusions.


The home of Jevrem Grujić, where you will get to know the character and work of the influential artist Milica Pavlović Barili, is a special place that is not like all other galleries. The atmosphere here is like coming to visit friends and sitting in their living room with a cup of fragrant coffee and a pleasant conversation surrounded by Milena’s things. And the works she left behind, from the oil on canvas to the illustrations and cover of Vogue, will make it clear to you what a versatile and talented woman she was.

Novi Sad is one of only five cities in Europe with a tapestry gallery. It is the Boško Petrović Gallery at the Petrovaradin Fortress. Here you can see how tapestries are made that are truly artistic pieces made according to the paintings of renowned artists.


These cities are already richly decorated so that the whole ambience will inspire you to hedonism. The juiciest meats, soups and stews will be on your table, and no matter how much you eat, you will want at least one more bite because everything is so delicious. A variety of homemade quince, apricot and plum brandies are indispensable aperitif, and the wines will delight you. They are not famous, but they are a real discovery. Street food is also irresistible, so be well prepared for rehearsals and hearty portions. Dessert is almost unthinkable not to order, so forget about diet!


Whether you’re talking to a salesperson or a casual passerby on the street – everyone will set aside their few minutes for you. They will do their best to give you the advice and make you feel accepted. It is therefore impossible to feel lonely in Novi Sad and Belgrade. There will always be someone to jump in when you need to.


Exit and Beer Fest are the most famous events associated with Novi Sad and Belgrade, so rivers of tourists flow into these cities every year. But throughout the year, the offer is rich. From Belgrade Children’s Festivals, Food and Wine Festival, International Film Festival, Belgrade Book Fair, Underwater Film Festival to Cinema City – Novi Sad International Film Festival, Dragon Children’s Games, Street Musicians Festival, International Festival of Alternative and New Theater… Novi Sad Winter Fest is a unique event to enjoy the holiday atmosphere. And the New Year’s Eve ahead of us, announced by the Tourist Board, will be the most spectacular so far at 40 locations in the city.

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Reasons why you MUST visit Belgrade and Novi Sad!

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