How were the diamonds discovered?

Each of the things that we use today has come from some kind of sources that may be found a long time ago. Most of us are not aware of their history or how were they found. Instead, we are more focused on their uses, benefits and drawbacks.

Out of all the things, let us focus on the gemstones and the precious metals that were found underground. When the miners dug the ground, they discovered some precious looking stones that were shining. Now-a-days, these stones are mined by the process of open cast mining. Open cast mining involves the collection of the gemstones, which are then washed under high pressure in order to get the real gemstones. Finally, they are given away to the treatment plants for further checking that whether they are real or not.

One of these precious stone is a diamond. Diamonds are the rarest forms of metals that are hard to be broken and can conduct heat and electricity. Their shining power and the transparent looks has led to make jewellery with them. Not only that, diamonds is used to cut hard objects, polish any rusted materials, are used in laser treatments and made into different instruments.

Although most of the diamonds are used for purposes mentioned above, there is one type of diamond that is used for a different purpose. They are known by the name of blood diamonds.

What is a blood diamond?

They are used by the rebellious people who sell these diamonds in order to buy weapons. These are mainly found in the African countries and are not legalized by the governments. These diamonds are red in colour and represents bloodshed as they take the lives of many innocent people.

Along with the real diamonds, there has been a great buzz regarding those diamonds that look identical to them. They are known as lab diamonds. Although they look identical, there are some slight changes like the materials used and the weight of the diamonds.

Lab diamonds are also used for same purposes just like the natural ones. Ever since they were invented from 1950s, they have been in use till date. Although the lab-grown diamonds are less valuable than the natural diamonds,they can be of great value when you are buying any fancy or rare type of lab diamonds. Lab diamonds can be found in many different colours like blue, red, green, yellow etc unlike the natural ones.

The lab diamonds are found in many places, but the main originator of these diamonds is situated in the UK, also known as lab-created diamond UK. It is believed that the lab diamonds are going to dominate the market over the next few years.

In conclusion, you have choices on which type of diamonds to buy depending on your investment. But, be careful and choose your diamond wisely so that you can sell it later for more profit.

How were the diamonds discovered?

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