Are Lab Diamonds Better? Unveiling the Advantages of Lab Grown Gems

Technology has done wonders in this world for people. At present, one of the wonders by technology is lab grown diamonds. The lab created gems have gained popularity promptly and disrupted the tradition of naturally mined diamonds. So, are lab diamonds better?

This post will tell you the advantages of lab grown diamonds and shed light on why they are taken as a superior alternative in the jewellery industry.

Ethical products

One of the most fascinating nature of lab grown diamonds are that they are ethical. Unlike mined diamonds that involves ethical dilemmas, they do not contribute to human rights abuses, conflict and child labour.

But lab grown diamonds are produced carefully in a controlled laboratory by experts. So there are no such reports of ethical issues of lab grown diamonds.

No environmental impact

Mined diamonds cause a lot of harmful impact on the society and as well as the environment. They are involved with land destruction, water pollution, deforestation and habitat damages. Mined diamonds are often called blood diamonds for causing conflict in the mining zones.

On the contrary, lab grown diamonds have no such nature. They are formed by mimicking the same process of natural diamonds but in a controlled laboratory, causing no environmental damage.

Superior quality

The lab grown diamonds are formed by the same process of natural diamonds by experts. As a result, they exhibit superior quality and purity. Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds possess the same chemical, physical and optical properties so there are no compromises on their quality.

Also, lab grown diamonds provide a wide range of options. You can customize your diamond according to your style and personality.

Reasonable price

The lab grown diamonds are an affordable alternative to mined diamonds. Even as an alternative, they are of top quality without compromising. Mined diamonds are expensive due to their availability, inflation and demand, and for the mining operations.

Lab diamonds have no such difficulties. They are easily available and have a reduced price as their formation process does not need as much effort as mined diamonds. It is an attractive option for those who are seeking diamonds of quality and value within their budget.

Use as wedding band

A lab created diamond wedding band is a wedding band that features diamonds that have been formed in a controlled laboratory. They possess the same chemical composition, crystal structure. They are cut and polished to same high standard as the mined diamonds.

Such bands are more affordable than the mined varieties. So, you can have the best quality wedding band within budget. Also, it keeps you free from worries of indirectly involving in any violence or conflicts.  

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